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Marilyn Monroe's life was almost a movie in it self. It consisted of a rewarding, sometimes heartache modeling turned movie career. Her personal life produced three failed marriages and countless affairs. Although her life was short lived, it would be rare to meet someone who hasn't heard of her.

Marilyn Monroe's modeling career took off a lot quicker than her movie career. She started out in bit parts. She won a small part in the movie Love Happy, a Marx Brothers movie in which she debuted her very sexy walk. She made a dozen of B-movies in which she played secondary roles as a dumb blonde. It wasn't until 1952 that Marilyn's career soared. It started with the song and dance movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; shortly after How to Marry A Millionaire was made and released. Several other hits followed. She tried hard to break away from the comedienne, dumb-blonde role. Managing her own career, she made a series of more dramatic movies. They never went over as well as her previous movies. Ten years after her big break into stardom, she started filming Something's Got to Give. The studio fired her due to constant no shows and forgetfulness of lines. She died of an apparent drug over-dose just weeks later.

Her personal life started with an eary marriage to James Dougherty. He was over in the war when Marilyn (then Norma Jean) was discovered and offered a modeling career. Jim wanted Marilyn to stay home and take care of the house and have babies but Norma Jean was more interested in modeling. They divorced soon after his return from over-seas. Once her modeling career turned into a movie career she caught the eye of the famous baseball player, Joe DiMaggio. The courtship lasted two years, but due to his resentment towards her career, the marriage only lasted nine months. Soon after her divorce from DiMaggio, she met and married playwrite author Arthur Miller. Her dependence on pills and constant rescues of overdoses led to the downfall of their four year marriage. In the end it was Joe DiMaggio who arranged and paid for her funeral. It is said that he spent the night before hovering over her casket, and cried openly at the service. He kissed her one last time and repeatedly said I love you. Every day since her death he sent a dozen red roses to her grave. And it is also been said that DiMaggio's last words were that he would finally be with Marilyn again.

The most famous of all men, whom Marilyn was linked with before and during his presidency, was John Kennedy. There are no real witnesses or evidence to document the affairs. But Marilyn told many friends, and they were seen at parties, arriving and leaving hotels, and at the home of Peter Lawford. Some believe she was murdered to protect the affairs. But no one will ever know.

It has been nearly 38 years since her death. Her image and name are still a multinational business. One simple reason for her life story's longevity is the premature end of it. Marilyn's vulnerability was no longer a turn-on for many men and an embarrassment for many women. It was a tragedy. Whether that final overdose was suicide or not, both men and women were forced to recongnize the insecurity that had caused her to attempt suicide several times before.

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