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Thank you for taking time to visit our website, the Number One site when it comes to costume wigs – be it Halloween wigs, American wigs, Children’s wigs, Half wigs, Style wigs, Top wigs, Women’s wigs, Fantasy wigs and even Medical wigs. Our website offers different types of wigs for any type of costume party, Cosplay, or event.

This website carries the most popular of all types of wigs and costumes such as Elvis wigs, Afro wigs, Mullet style wigs, Clown, Beehive and other Celebrity wigs. If you aren’t sure where to look for the perfect human hair wig to go with your fancy dress costumes or if you are looking for sexy costume wigs, African American wigs or a rebellious costume wig, you will find all that and more on this website.

Elvis Wigs – Specialties of the 50’s

Remember that in order to resemble Elvis, putting together the right costume accessories is essential. Elvis Costume wigs together with the right costume plus the best wig accessories will definitely make a great Elvis costume. There are a wide range of different Elvis wigs which include Elvis human hair wigs, BSB and 50’s Elvis wigs, New, Discount and Deluxe Elvis wigs.

Scary Halloween Wigs

Halloween costume will not be complete without a scary Halloween Wig to top it off. These Halloween wigs can either be Caveman or Wolfman wigs, you can also choose to look like a Geico Caveman, or you can even be a werewolf. The wild child costume wig will definitely satisfy the wild child in you. The great thing about these scary wigs is that they come with discounted prices.

Kiddie Wigs

There are many different types of Children’s wigs that are for sale, and these wigs can complete any child’s dream costumes. Children costumes will only be memorable if accessories such as a hairpiece are included. Hannah Montana may be a favorite of many a child. Other wig ideas to complete children’s costumes can be a Rugrats or an Oompa Loompa wig, a Bart Simpson or a Lion wig or even a Dora or Barbie wig.

Afro Wigs

African American wigs are very popular hairpieces especially during a Halloween party. These Halloween wigs are available in all colors, sizes, shapes and style. Be it men’s hairpieces or women’s wigs, these Afro wigs can surely bring out the funk in anyone. These are offered in long synthetic wigs as well as short synthetic wigs. A clown costume can also be completed by the Clown Afro wig that is made from rainbow colors.

Back-in-Time Wigs

A flashback costume will only be effective if it comes with a hairpiece that gives an impression that it dates back to the old days. Period wigs are style wigs depending on that specific year’s fashion. Flapper wigs or the 1920’s wigs include Gatsby Daisy and Full Fluff wigs. The 40’s is most popularly known as the Bette Davis, Katharine Hepburn, Evita, Rita Hayworth and Pin Up Girls era and these sexy costume wigs is one effective adult costume.

The 1950’s fashion is known to have never gone out of style, so American wigs of that era bring back the memories, meaning they’ll always be theatrical and will never go out of fashion. 50’s collection wigs include Holly Golightly, Ethel Mertz, Ducktail, Sandy and Grease wigs. The 60’s and 70’s American wigs offer groovy and funky wigs that will really complete that back-in-time ensemble. Go with your Favorite Color with Colored Wigs Any costume parties will always include colored costume wigs. Choose from any colored wigs in different shades of blonde, pink, red, blue, green, gray, orange and even purple. Complete any costumes for adults with the wide range of these colored wigs and top it with other wig accessories. Joan Rivers, Barbie and Marilyn Monroe wigs are some of the blonde wigs, so complete your attire with this costume headwear.

Halloween Wigs – Mullet for Men and Women

One of the most popular Halloween wigs are the Mullet Wigs. These can be men’s hairpieces or toupees, or women’s wigs. These are great as Halloween wigs and they are available in different types of styles. One of the best mullet wigs is the David Bowie wig, the Elvis Long Mullet as well as the James Brown wig. All costume parties should definitely have people wearing these hilarious mullet wigs.

Complete Costume with a Moustache or a Beard

Beards & moustaches are available in a wide range of styles. Fancy dress costumes plus Halloween wigs or any costume wigs can be made better with the use of fake beards & moustaches. Costumes and accessories should include this synthetic hair -accessories to complete the costume. Choose from Hitler to Handlebar, Errol Flynn to Goatee Beards, Charlie Chaplin to Englishman moustaches, even from Horseshoe to a Viking style moustache.

Choose Depending on Your Style

Any person can definitely make their own costume, but the integral factor is how they will carry themselves in that attire. Wigs are vital parts of a costume, be it costume wigs or Halloween wigs. In choosing what to wear as a costume, make sure that you are comfortable with it and with the accessories that you would have to wear. Adult costumes are definitely made better by these costume wigs. (children’s costumes too!) So before making a purchase, make sure that you have taken the time to look around the site before deciding what to buy.

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